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18 janvier 2013 5 18 /01 /janvier /2013 08:59


All the best for 2013, full of videos, news and great times...

New year starting with an interview of... if I say Felicita?

Of course, they are Romina Power and Albano whom I have recently contacted and whom have immediately accepted to answer my special 80's questionnaire.

Romina's career starts in the 70s, continues in the 80s (era of interest to us) and she is currently releasing a solo album which deserves your attention..

I can add that since the 80s, Romina was involved in theatric work, cinema and art! A versatile artist...

I thank Romina and Rose for distributing Romina's new album, and Valerie for her precious help in translating articles.

See you soon,





Al Bano & Romina Power- Et je suis à toi(French version)  1979


Al Bano & Romina Power - SHARAZAN (1981)


A major international talent known throughout the world as a singer-songwriter. She was born in Los Angeles, California and is the eldest daughter of American actor Tyrone Power and his second wife, actress Linda Christian. After her parents divorced in 1956, Romina Power traveled extensively around the world but resided mainly in Mexico and Italy, where she spent much of her childhood. Romina also attended a boarding school in England, where she discovers the emerging music of the 60’s. Inspired by the Beatles and Bob Dylan, and she begins composing her own music.After school in England, Romina moves to Rome, Italy where she is discovered and launched as a young actress at the age of 14. She appears in starring roles mainly in Italian movies.On the set of “Nel Sole”, an Italian musical movie production, in the late 60’s she meets her future husband, singer Al Bano Carrisi . They marry in 1970, after having worked together on the recording of her first hit single “Acqua di Mare”, which was the winner of “Festival Bar”, a major summer competition featuring the most popular Italian artists of that time.
Al Bano & Romina Power become a singing duo in 1975, and eventually have an incredible string of successes in various countries of Latin America and Europe, amongst which Germany, Austria , Spain, USSR and Romania, where,after the fall of the general secretary of the communist party and president Nicolae Ceausescu, their song ,”Liberta’ “ ,“ Freedom “ was played on national radio .
In 1980, Al Bano & Romina Power win the special Kawakami award in the Yamaha pop festival in Japan .
In 1984 they win the prestigious San Remo song festival in Italy with “ Ci sara’ “.
The singing duo became household names throughout Europe with hits like “Felicita’ “ , “ Tu , soltanto tu” , “ Sempre sempre “ , “Liberta’ “ ,”Sharazan “ and have a huge fan base that still exists today.
The couple divorced in 1999. They have four children.
Since 2000, Romina has organized exhibitions of her paintings in Venice, Rome Milan, Florence, Los Angeles and Santa Monica.
Romina hosted several prime time variety shows on Italian TV , as an actress she recited for three years in “The Vagina Monologues “ on the Italian stage from 2004 till 2006.
She has also published several books, both fiction and non- fiction.
In 2004, she travels to India with her son Yari Carrisi-Power , where she writes and directs her first film “Upaya.”
In 2007, she moves to the United States, to escape the intrusive attention from the Italian press and to assist her mother, bed-ridden with colon cancer.
In August 2011, Romina reconnects with an old friend, music entrepreneur Fred Cannon, whom she had worked with in the past in Italy and France. Cannon discovers that Romina has an unreleased completed album “Da Lontano ,” recorded in 1998,produced by her with Yari Carrisi-Power and Maurizio Fabrizio and convinces her to release it .
With the genial touch of the legendary mastering engineer, Greg Lukens and his associate Colin Peterson , the album becomes a reality.
In June 2012, Power Entertainment signs with Rose Drake’s label, “Creative and Dreams Music Network,” an exclusive deal for marketing and distribution worldwide

(source Creativeanddreams)  

Al Bano & Romina Power-Et je suis à toi Version Française 1979



Al Bano & Romina Power - Felicita (1982)



What memories have you from the 80s in general (political, cultural, fashion, etc..)?
I have many many memories! Two of my daughters were born in the 80's. I had 4 songs in the top 10 of the Italian hit parade in the 80's. I didn't follow politics then. Fashion was  more interesting in the 60's.
What are your musical memories and musical influences from this era and who were your favourite singers/bands?
My favorites of all times are : the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan. Then I adore brazilian music and Indian chants. 
Do you feel that this decade, more so than today, provided a better platform for musical creation and the emergence of many bands and singers?
I feel that the 60's was the start of a new musical era which opened up unprecedented possibilities to composers ,groups and singers. 
How do you explain this nostalgia surrounding the 80s and the ongoing success of 80s hits with the young generation,
Wouldn't know how to explain it. I don't understand it.
Especially in France?
Have no idea. I like previous French musical periods. 
80s music has made a real comeback in France following the release of a recent film based around a band from the 80s. Is the same phenomenon occurring in the USA?
I would not know. 
Can you tell us more about the beginning of your duo with Albano in 1975?
Albano and I actually recorded our first songs together in 1969. I think that "Storia di due innammorati" was the very first one toghether  It was fun. I always loved composing songs and singing when I was in boarding school. Had recorded a song before meeting Albano , but with no success. then, in 1969 he composed "Acqua di mare" for me and my career as a pop singer begun by winning a prestigious summer festival and my song was played in the juke boxes all over Italy all summer long.
In 1980, you win the Kawakami prize at the Yamaha Pop Festival in Japan and in 1984, another prize at the prestigious San Remo Festival in Italy for your song ‘Ci sara’. What memories do you have of these events and to what extent have they influenced the rest of your career?
Many people in France are still focused on your 80s career although you have since evolved musically, e.g. your album ‘Da Lontano’. How do you feel about this?
I can understand them focusing on what they know and not on what they do not know. Winning the San Remo pop festival was not a happy event for me because I could see the envy in colleague's eyes. And I really did not like that. Plus the journalists were not kind either. Even our producer was not happy that we had won , since he was betting on another singer in our company.
Are you currently working on anything new, music wise?
Yes,I am. I have a piano and continue to compose melodies, even if I may use them as film scores .
I have read in your bibliography that you were also an actress (cinema and theatre), a writer and a painter. Can you tell us more about these other artistic avenues you have pursued throughout your life?
I have a need to express myself through different means. I think that it comes form my ancestors. All of them have been artistically inclined in various fields , whether musically or visually,it runs in the family.

  Al Bano & Romina Power - Ci sarà (1984)

Al Bano & Romina Power - Magic o Magic 1985

Al Bano & Romina Power - Nostalgia Canaglia (1987)



Al Bano & Romina Power -Libertà

Al Bano & Romina Power - Bussa Ancora 1990


  And the new album by Romina:  




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click this link 09/01/2015 11:29

I have always loved the music works of Romina and Albano. I am glad to go through the interview conversation with them. Their music works were like classics which got recognized worldwide and were loved by people. Thanks for sharing the videos of Albino and Romina.

Pascal-Tours 24/02/2015 22:04

Thank you for the comment, with apologies for the delay in responding ...
I had a lot of fun making this article :)
best regards.


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